Individual sessions (via Skype or Zoom)

By Alberto Panizo on 13 May, 2020 in Articles, Courses, The Blog

Individual sessions (via Skype or Zoom) to heal the body, mind and emotions. The psychosomatic balance is restored and the self-healing power of our body is enhanced.

Session Protocol:

1- The session is individual. When you ask us for the session (to Alberto or Greta) we will send you all the other information you need to know. If you have questions about how it works we will explain before confirming.

2-Once we confirm the session or sessions (day and time), you explain the issue to us and send us your photo. With this you send me, I will start working before the session as DISTANT HEALING.

3- In the session, in addition to dealing with the issue raised, whether physical, mental or emotional … we will present the situation from the energetic and spiritual point of view and we will give practical solutions to help solve any pending problem. The session will last approximately 1 hour.


Related article: “Quantum healing”:

In today’s scientific research, it is quantum physics that gives us a foundation and understanding for our work. Some experiments prove that the particles are interrelated, that they influence each other. Here are some of the observations made in experiments with quantums (luminous particles): The observer influences the observed, and when two quantum particles are taken to opposite places in the Universe and one moves, the other resonates accordingly. This gives us an idea that when we come into contact with another and, especially when we are in a therapeutic act, we influence each other. As practitioners we need to learn how to be neutral so that the system does not respond only to our presence, but actually teaches us what is in the patient at that moment. Only in this way can we cooperate with the deepest forces and help the system. It is evident that the therapy will have a different result depending on the consciousness of the therapist.

A remarkable series of investigations on the nature of consciousness, carried out in prestigious scientific institutions around the world for more than thirty years, has shown that thoughts are capable of acting on everything, from the simplest machine to the most complex of living beings. This proof suggests that human thoughts and intentions are real and physical “something” that has the amazing power to change our world. Every thought we have is a tangible energy that has the capacity for transformation. A thought is not just a thing; a thought is a thing that influences other things. This central idea, that consciousness affects matter, rests at the very core of an irreconcilable difference between the world view offered by classical physics – the science of the large and visible world – and that of quantum physics: science. who studies the tiniest components in the world. That difference concerns the very nature of matter and the ways in which it can change.

Here’s a question to renowned cell biology doctor and author Bruce Lipton:

The mind is energy. When you think, you transmit energy, and thoughts are more powerful than chemistry. … But it is true that beliefs themselves become an energy field, a transmission, and this is transformed into a signal that is capable of changing the organism. And this is how healing worked before the development of medicine. People healed with shamans, with their hands … but that cannot be sold and that is why medicine does not want to go that way. … You know that positive thinking, the placebo, can heal, and also that negative thinking can kill. Actually, it is not that it is positive or negative, it is the way of thinking. If the doctor tells you that you have cancer, even if you don’t have cancer, if you believe it, you will create the chemistry that will generate cancer. Therefore, the problem is not so much the real environment but the one that you interpret. And that ties in with quantum physics… ”

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