Alberto Panizo

 Osteopathy Craniosacral

He studied Philosophy and Literature  at the University of the Basque Country.
He completed his studies in Craniosacral Therapy and graduated in 1994 from the International lnstitute for Craniosacral Balancing® in Freiburg (Germany) and has contributed as an assistant teacher in its courses. Since then he has taken the following postgraduate courses at the International lnstitute for Craniosacral Balancing®: Emotional Release and Therapeutic Dialogue in Craniosacral Therapy, advanced course in craniosacral therapy, advanced course in the Biodynamic CS (Advanced Breath of Life Training), Trauma Resolution (Peter Levine system) and Rebalancing Training.

He has expanded his studies and participated as a speaker at symposia with various body therapy schools in Europe and Asia, specialising in working with the symptoms of stress. He lived for several years in India, where he learned and practised different meditation, Ayurvedic philosophy, yoga and bioenergy techniques.

He has an Advanced Degree in Natural Therapies / Osteopathy from the Escorial-Maria Cristina Royal University (RCU) of Madrid. He currently lives and works in Spain and is a member of COFENAT (Spanish Association of Natural Therapy Professionals) and FENACAT Catalunya (Catalan Federation of Naturopathy and Related Therapies), Member No. 198. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and the author of several publications. He has been a speaker at the Physiotherapy Conference in the ONCE Physiotherapy University School (Autonomous University of Madrid).
Alberto gives sessions in Barcelona and Reus.


Greta Adam

Osteopathy Craniosacral

Born in Germany, she studied art and nursing. She is a specialist in Craniosacral Therapy and Emotional Release. For the past 22 years, together with her husband, she has organised craniosacral therapy training courses in different cities.
She is certified by the Kayakalpa-Institute of Hamburg (Germany) in the Jatismaran Regression Method ®.

She is certified in Germany in Energetic Spine Alignment.
Since 1982 she is working with Reiki. Since 1994 she is a Usui Reiki Master and her lineage goes back directly to the origins of Reiki; she studied with Mary McFadyen, one of the few masters initiated by Hawayo Takata, who introduced Reiki to the West.
She is a specialist in meditation. She has lived and studied in India at different times since 1980, working in the Osho School in Pune. She is a graduate in Meditation from the Humaniversity College in Holland.



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1º Simposium de la European CranioSacral Association 1999, Casarsa (Italia)
Terapia Cráneo Sacral.

Congreso Nacional Expomasaje, Madrid
Presentación de la ponencia sobre la Terapia Cráneo Sacral.

Vídeo: “Terapia Cráneo Sacral” (NBC video), de Alberto Panizo y Greta Adam
En este vídeo se desarrolla el protocolo básico de una sesión de terapia Cráneo Sacral.

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Author de la Collection
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15ª Fira de la Terra 2010, en Barcelona

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Entrevista de 6 páginas con reportaje fotográfico.

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