Rebalancing Massage

Our mental and emotional state can be read from our body. Our emotional states –stress, excitation, repression, etc.– are reflected in our characteristic muscular patterns and postures.

Our body tends to adapt to the different situations life presents to it with postural changes and compensations.

If these situations last longer than normal, the connective tissue –a continuous network spread throughout the body– can become permanently deformed and stretched.
As a result we become fixed in rigid, uncomfortable and aesthetically unfavourable postures.

Instituto Craneosacral Panizo – Rebalancing

Instituto Craneosacral Panizo - Rebalancing

Some people perceive this as back, hip or foot pain; others as chronic fatigue and low energy levels.

Those who in their work or free time need to make movements that require flexibility and coordination usually complain of a lack of elasticity or limitations in their movement.

One thing we all have in common is that at one time or another we have had the feeling of not being in tip-top condition; the symptoms you are feeling may be manifestations of much more complex causes.

Yoga Rebalancing Massage is a body work method that combines deep tissue massage, muscle stretching, joint loosening, flexibility exercises, use of Trager Approach “Mentastics” and the incorporation of postural and myofascial techniques.

Rebalancing Massage

A sequence of carefully applied manipulations adapted to the needs of each individual.

Deep, precise pressure is exercised on different parts of the body using deep impact massage joint loosening techniques with the aim of returning elasticity to the tissue, thus restoring the length of the fibres and achieving improved alignment of the body structure. In order to avoid the results being merely temporary, the body structures as a whole are taken into consideration and worked on, rather than only the injured areas or those manifesting symptoms.

For in-depth treatment a sequence of weekly or fortnightly sessions is recommended, although it is possible to have single sessions as each one is complete in itself.

For more information about individual sessions in Barcelona and Reus or to make an appointment, please telephone us on the following numbers: 977 85 16 40 – 689 786 519.


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When the body is working as it should, the force of gravity is able to flow through it. That is when it can spontaneously heal itself  (Rolf)

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